Pizzeria Point of Sale

Simple Ordering

Pizza ordering is simplified with minimal touches to complete a pie order. The Pizzeria point of sale allows you to add toppings to halves, quarters or the whole pizza. Specialty pizzas can be configured with pre-set toppings and changing sizes or crusts can be done with a single touch. Pricing is flexible, allowing each topping, size and crust to have its own pricing grid.

Delivery Tracking and Built In Caller ID

Caller ID is built in to the Pizzeria POS system and not only displays who is calling but also what their last order was. Their name and address is also stored with the transaction, cutting down on time spent taking their information. The delivery system assigns orders to your drivers ensuring your deliveries go out in a timely and organized manner.


A few other Pizzeria POS features:

  • Tableside Ordering
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Custom Menu Building
  • Gift Cards
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Ingredient Inventory Management
  • Detailed POS Reporting

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