Dell Pro POS Restaurant Complete – 2 Stations



  • Pentium G645 Processor (3M Cache 2.9 GHz)
  • 250GB, 7200 RPM 3.5″ SATA
  • 2GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
  • 8X DVD ROM Drive

Product Description

This is a non returnable and non refundable product, please contact us before buy in order to receive a free demo for evaluation purposes.

NEW Touch Screen 15” TFT LCD, Color: Black

NEW Magnetic Stripe Reader 3 Track USB

NEW Epson Thermal POS Printer

  • Printing up to 150 mm/second, All-in-one-box accessories and software
  • 2-year warranty
  • Integrated power supply, USB Interface
  • Versatile printer placement options
  • Ease-of-use features including drop-in paper loading, autocutter and status LEDs
  • Thermal, USB, A/C, Internal PS, EDG, Includes Cable
  • Low cost alternative to the TMT88V, fully compatible

New Impact Kitchen Printer 

  • 8 Dots-mm,
  • 72mm Print Width,
  • 100mm-sec Print Speed,
  • Parallel Interface, w/10ft Cable (Up to 50ft Available)
  • External Power Supply,
  • Autocutter
  • Color: Black


NEW Cash Drawer 16 x 16 Printer Driven Black

Overall Dimensions 18 x 16.7  x 4.2 inches

  • Color Black
  • Steel Chassis
  • Money Tray 5 Bills/6 Coins
  • Removable Coin  Compartment/Contains 3 Adjustable Divisions
  • Bills Holder
  • 24v. Solenoid
  • Micro-Switch
  • RJ-12, Universal Cable for  POS Printer Cable Included
  • 3 Standard Positions

2 Year Warranty


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