Restaurant Point of Sale


Table Management

Restaurant POS allows you to choose from a variety of table management screens. All of which are fully customizable to fit your layout. You are able to see exactly which tables are occupied and track how many people are seated at each table. Your serves have the ability to process many tables at once, putting invoices on hold and opening other tables.

Remote Printing

Allow your Restaurant POS system to do the walking for you. With remote printing you are able to add menu items to an invoice andsend the orders to as many remote printers as necessary. The items that need to be cooked will be printed in the kitchen, all the drinks will go to the bar and all the deserts can go to the desert station printer. Remote printing is a must to efficiently run your business.

A few other coffee shop POS features:

  • Bill Splitting
  • Custom Menu Building
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Detailed POS Reporting
  • Employee Management
  • Gift Cards
  • Ingredient Inventory Management
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Tableside Ordering

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