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Whether you operate a Retail, Hospitality or Multi Service shop or a massive chain, our comprehensive systems are designed to integrate your business like never before. Analyze your inventory in a flash with advanced analysis reports, send automated employee hours and wages reports to your payroll provider, or engage segments of your customers with targeted digital promotions. At OhanaPOS, we give you the tools to stop working in your retail business, and start working on your retail business


Security surveillance services can help safeguard some of the most important assets to your organization. These days, everyone has a camera, but that doesn’t mean everyone can set-up a reliable audio and video surveillance system. You need an experienced professional to ensure that the system will not be easily detected and professionally installed


As a technology service company, we understands the importance of using the latest and best technology to enhance our services. Point-of-sale systems, digital menu boards, security systems, and more our customers rely on us for upgrades, roll-outs and on-demand installations.


Digital signage has quickly become the new norm and for good reasons. No matter your business type, digital signage allows you to communicate vital information to your customers in exciting visual displays that will keep them engaged. One of the best benefits is the ability to change your messaging and promotions on the fly. No more waiting for printing and expensive updates to old menu boards. Vibrant pictures and videos allow you to effortlessly influence your customers, making up-selling and cross-selling easier than ever. From installation to designing and maintaining your signage, we can assist you in creating a modern customer experience

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